Raleigh Flex Space

As the word “flex” implies, flex space is responsive to the needs of the client as far as usage.  It’s flexible in how the space can be configured for the tenant’s business, as well as in the types of activities that are legal, code compliant, and suitable for the space.

Think about flex space a bit like computer software.  If a piece of software does one single thing and doesn’t afford the user much flexibility in how they configure and use it, then it’s probably pretty simple to use.  However, very powerful software, something like Adobe Photoshop, has a steep learning curve, but gives the user a lot of power in its use and output format.

Flex space is similar.  Straight retail, office, industrial or multi-family space limits the use of the space to pretty much a single activity, and that’s OK because it is what the tenant wants.  Flex space, on the other hand, is designed to be configurable for multiple uses, so the considerations in leasing and due diligence with flex space will be more complex.  MainStreet Realty Services is a leader in serving clients seeking flex space or those who are selling it.

Raleigh Flex Space for Lease

There is plenty of retail clothing store space, convenience store space, industrial space and professional office space in and around Raleigh, NC for lease.  Each of these categories requires a space dedicated to that specific activity, and it works well for most businesses.  However, what if you do some light manufacturing or assembly work, but you also consult and do CAD work as well?

When a business needs space for very different activities under the same roof, flex space is how the problem is solved.  This flexibility carries a higher level of planning and adaptability however.  When machinery and tooling are on the other side of the wall from consulting offices and adjacent to computer aided drafting personnel, the space must meet more stringent requirements.

First, zoning is a factor.  While offices could be fine, there may be some special permitting or approval required to assemble widgets in the same building.  MainStreet Realty Services fully understands the flex space property type and the research required to assure the potential tenant that they can bring all of their business activities under one roof.

Raleigh Flex Space for Sale

Working with our buyer clients seeking Raleigh flex space is challenging but rewarding.  We’ve learned a lot in our years of serving the flex space buyer.  We understand their end user needs, but also their needs if the space is to be leased out.  Just any “commercial real estate” brokerage isn’t suited to the business of representing Raleigh flex space buyers and sellers.  Flex space in the Raleigh market is a limited inventory.  We are a high profile brokerage in the flex space market, which gives us early warning of new space coming to market.  We also gain an advantage in representing buyers, as we have handled a significant percentage of the flex space property sales in the Raleigh real estate market.