Raleigh Land

Raleigh land is a more challenging real estate sales subset.  Out of every 100 real estate agents, almost all of them can do quite well at showing and selling residential homes.  Just show the cook a gourmet kitchen and the do-it-yourselfer a great garage or basement workshop, and it’s a done deal.  When it comes to selling land however, you’ll find fewer of them on the enthusiastic side.

After all, there’s no gourmet kitchen, nor is there a workshop or great patio.  All of that must be visualized.  It is much more difficult to help a client with that visualization than to just point and show.  This is also a factor in commercial land, though on a higher level.  Commercial land could be held as an investment, but most of the deals are preparatory to immediate development.

The commercial land deal is first qualified by the zoning and permitted use of the land.  It could be industrial, residential (R12 for 12 units/acre, etc.), or commercial for offices or retail.  This seems like a simple qualifier, but it isn’t always just a straight yes or no to a proposed use.  MainStreet Realty Services tracks land sales and zoning decisions, and we stay on top of what’s happening in our fast-paced marketplace.

Raleigh Land for Sale

As fast as our economy has grown, and no matter how much new construction you see around the area, there is still Raleigh land for sale.  It can be raw land, or partially or fully improved with utilities and even roads.  All of the previous cautions about zoning and land use restrictions apply in the sale or purchase of land.

The agents at MainStreet Realty Services have been involved in many successful land listings, helping our clients to market and sell land parcels of all sizes.  We’ve also represented buyers in purchasing everything from individual sub-acre lots to large acreage parcels for development.  Sometimes the perfect parcel doesn’t appear to be available, but we’ve cultivated relationships that give us access to “pocket listings,” land that would be for sale under certain conditions.  We also maintain buyer information to match to new land listings, and we get deals done.  Contact MainStreet Realty Services for your Raleigh land sale needs.