Raleigh Multi-Family Properties

The Raleigh economy is in great shape, and multi-family space is growing as well.  We’re experiencing growth in all areas, bringing people into the area to take advantage of a good job climate and high wages.  When an area is growing and people are moving in, rental residences become a great investment.  There are other reasons that multi-family property is growing in volume and importance.

  • Many in the younger generations choosing to rent instead of buy due to student debt, and generally less of a desire to own than their parents.
  • High tech industries are concentrating high wage employees into areas where multi-family is simply the best housing option.
  • Today’s younger workforce wants to be “near the action,” liking to live near urban centers where there is a lot to do in a small geographic area. This makes multi-family a better housing choice.

MainStreet Realty Services has always been a top brokerage in the Raleigh multi-family marketplace.  We understand the economy, employer/employee demographics, and how rental property should be valued.  Whether buying, selling, leasing out or building Raleigh multi-family space, we’re ready to work with our clients to achieve their investment goals.

Raleigh Multi-Family Properties for Sale

Since the real estate and mortgage market crash that began in 2007, renting has grown every year around the country.  Articles everywhere are asking the question “Are we becoming a nation of renters?”  Whether we are or not, it’s a fact that rental property demand is rising, and rents keep moving upward as well.  Investors are flocking to multi-family property investment.

In fact, some of the most active new “crowd funding” in real estate is in the multi-family marketplace.  Small investors are jumping into crowd funding to take advantage of the cash flow and other investment advantages offered by multi-family property.

MainStreet Realty Services is assisting buyers and sellers in the multi-family property space to connect and get deals done.  From tracking cap rates to due diligence regarding rents and competition, we are on top of the market.

The multi-family property investor can rely upon us to know what is available, where, and precisely how much it is worth in the current market.  Sometimes the financials do not yield an accurate picture of a property’s true value.  The numbers could be hiding problems or a real bargain of a buy.

We specialize in helping our clients to get the underlying truth of the financials and cash flow for better decisions.  Poor management and cost control can make a property look like a mediocre deal at the listed price.  However, bringing low rents up to market price and cutting expenses through better management can show the price to be a fire sale deal.  We’re specialists at helping our clients to dig to the truth and get the right deal on Raleigh multi-family property.