Raleigh Industrial Space

Raleigh, NC enjoys a healthy mix of retail, office, manufacturing and industrial business enterprises.  Raleigh industrial space, more than the other sectors, requires specialized expertise from real estate professionals.  Industrial tenants and buyers have very stringent property requirements and criteria, as there are environmental and extra government regulatory concerns in the industrial sector.

Of course, zoning considerations are quite important.  However, being zoned for manufacturing or industrial isn’t a ticket to do whatever the owner or tenant desires.  MainStreet Realty Services agents only work in the industrial space sector if they have extensive experience and specialized training in the highly specialized needs of our clients.  This goes far beyond simply checking the zoning.

Zoning simply groups a broad range of activities together, but there are some crucial and rigidly enforced local and higher level government regulations with which to contend.  The range of activities that could be part of the “industrial” grouping could include warehousing, light manufacturing, chemical or hazardous substance handling, parts assembly, data centers, refrigerated or environmentally controlled activities, recycling or other highly specialized businesses.

With this broad range of activities considered as suitable for industrial space occupancy, it is critical that the real estate professional working with owners or prospective tenants be educated in appropriate due diligence.  MainStreet Realty Services Raleigh industrial property agents are specialists in assessing the suitability of properties for lease or purchase.  They are also experts at working with owners to market their properties to the most suitable purchase or lease candidates.

Raleigh Industrial Space for Lease

While many consider the Raleigh, NC market for office and retail commercial property lease spaces as cutthroat, the limited Raleigh industrial space inventory makes leasing the right space at the right price even more of a challenge.  MainStreet Realty Services is constantly building new relationships in the industrial space sector.  Maintaining these valuable relationships allows us to be out front in the industrial sector to bring suitable properties to the attention of our clients before they’re snapped up.

However, limited inventory and competition shouldn’t push clients seeking Raleigh industrial lease space into making poor decisions.  The varied and specialized activities considered as requiring industrial space call for real estate representation just as specialized.  MainStreet Realty Services dedicates an experienced staff in working with clients seeking Raleigh industrial lease space.

The industrial space lease is far more complex than the normal commercial retail or office space lease.  Retail and office space use is pretty standardized with common usage requirements across the gamut of properties available.  Industrial space leases require more due diligence to assure our tenant clients that they’re getting the right property for their needs and that all codes, ordinances and even environmental considerations are addressed on their behalf.

Creativity in lease negotiations and terms is our specialty.  Boilerplate leases may not be the best solution for the tenant.  We specialize in helping the owner and our tenant client to reach a mutually beneficial lease agreement that will assure a long term relationship and profit for both.

Raleigh Industrial Space for Sale

From an industrial space seller’s perspective, the listing and sale process is far more involved than the simpler commercial office or retail space listing.  A thorough inspection of the property and understanding of its “highest use” is crucial to getting the best tenants and highest rental income.  Marketing the Raleigh industrial space for sale is also a specialized endeavor. MainStreet Realty Services brings industrial space marketing experience to our listing clients and we get the property sold.

If you’re a buyer in the market for industrial space, you’ll want aggressive representation.  It’s a major decision to purchase rather than lease.  Helping our buyer clients with the taxation and financial aspects of industrial space purchase is our specialty.  If the space is being purchased to lease out, we’ve represented Raleigh industrial space tenants for many years.  We understand their needs, and we help our buyers who want industrial space lease properties to buy right and install great tenants quickly.